A Mother’s Occupation

Happy Mother’s Day!

Free CEU’s has featured a course for occupational therapists titled  “A Mother’s Occupation: OT for Mothers with Hard-to-Parent Children” by Rondalyn Whitney, MOT, OTR/L, SWC.

The goal of this program is to explain why an occupational therapy evaluation and intervention should include the occupations embedded in the role of mother, when treating pediatric clients with mental health disorders.

Occupational therapists in the pediatric setting are aware of the importance of working harmoniously with mothers of children with special needs. This course has an important reminder.

A Mother’s Special Problem

Mothers who cannot successfully engage in the occupations defined by their role of mother because of their hard-to-parent children are an unrecognized and underserved client population. Mothers with hard-to-parent children need additional support to prevent the distress, social isolation, and negative health consequences that come with mothering a child with a hidden disability. This important, but neglected, performance area demands our attention. Occupational therapists who provide direct treatment to these children, whether through school-based settings or clinical work, must address the social context of the family if best practice methods are to be employed.

There is a lot of other free courses on Free CEU’s so make sure to check them out.

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