Advance’s 2009 Salary Survey for OTs

Advance for OT recently released the results of their 2009 salary survey for Occupational Therapists based in the US. Here are just some of the highlights of that survey:

  • Pay is up more than 25 percent for both levels of the profession-to $65,190 for full-time OTs and $45,044 for full-time OTAs.
  • Hourly rates for OTs who work full time averaged $37.23; rates for OTAs averaged $24.93.
  • Salary by State: North Carolina came in highest at $83,087, and averages in California, Florida, Maryland, Indiana and New Jersey all topped $70,000. Wisconsin ranked lowest, at $55,982. By hourly rate, New York OTs ranked highest at $47.11/hour, followed by Arizona ($44.53) and New Jersey ($43.70). Lowest hourly rates were found in Virginia at $32.81/hour. For OTAs the highest pay was in Texas at $29.26/hour, with California and Florida following. Lowest rates were in Wisconsin at $19.94/hour.
  • Settings & Employers: The most popular settings for practitioners remain skilled nursing facilities, with 25 percent of all respondents working there, and schools, with 23 percent. The most lucrative setting by salary was skilled nursing facilities ($74,828 or $35.59/hour), followed by hand clinics ($70,958 or $35.15/hour) and hospital outpatient clinics ($70,409 or $36.15/hour).
  • Specialty Certifications and Education: The average salary for OTs with specialty certification is $69,309 or $39.78/hour. OTs with entry-level master’s degrees are making the least, at $59,431. OTs with bachelors degrees ($67,955) make only slightly more than those with post-professional master’s degrees ($67,751), while OTDs came in at $69,133. A PhD will significantly up your earnings to nearly $75K.

To read the full article on this survey, click here.

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  1. Hi Miss Leah,

    Di man ni accurate oi. You can actually negotiate your salary with your employer using the the US Bureau Statistics’ salary by state, and by area (city or county). 😉


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