Upcoming Workshops from Zi Mei

I’d like to share an invitation by our colleagues from Australia-based Zi Mei Events to their upcoming workshops for the second half of the year. Details are as follows.

A. ChIPPA Workshop – Child Initiated Pretend Play Assessment
Wednesday – Friday, 15th – 17th July 2009 – Brisbane
Speaker: Dr Karen Stagnitti

This intermediate/ advanced level workshop aims to give occupational therapists /play therapists a more in depth understanding of assessing and treating play deficits in children. This workshop is open to Occupational Therapists and Play Therapists – so please fee free to pass the information onto any interested colleagues. Please note that due to the practical nature of this workshop, places are limited

Registrations Close Friday 26th June – $695

B. Teaching Functional Handwriting for Written Communication
Saturday 22nd August 2009—Brisbane
Speaker: Dr Dian Jones

This practical ½ day workshop will discuss the cognitive and motor theories involved in automated handwriting. It will demonstrate that many handwriting difficulties can be prevented by altering the instructional and intervention strategies used to teach handwriting.

Early bird Registrations Close Friday 10th July 2009 – $75
Registrations Close Friday 7th August 2009 – $95

C. Understanding What is Sensory vs Behaviour
Monday 14th Wednesday – 16th September 2009 – Melbourne
Speaker: Dr Chris Chapparo

A three day workshop for occupational therapists to assist their understanding of the developmental and sensory issues that contribute to difficult and/or challenging behaviours.

Early bird Registrations Close – Friday 31st July – $585
Registrations Close – Friday 4th September 2009 – $650

D. OT Practice for School-Aged Children: “A Real World Approach”
Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th November 2009 – Brisbane
Speakers: Dr Jodie Copley, Chrisdell McLaren & Dr Jill Ashburner

This two-day workshop aims to provide therapists with a functional performance based framework to conceptualise and base their assessment and intervention. It will focus on the clinical reasoning used to make practice decisions for school-aged children who are having difficulty succeeding in their learning environment.

Early bird Registrations Close – Friday 25th September 2009 – $395
Registrations Close – Friday 30th October 2009 – $550

For further information on these courses, visit Zi Mei’s website.

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