World Congress on Neck Pain

The World Congress on Neck Pain will be held on January 20 – 22, 2008 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Los Angeles, California.  It will present the latest scientific research on neck pain prevention, diagnosis and management. The congress themes are Public Health / Health Care and Automobile Safety.  Listed below are the topics and learning objectives as presented in their website,

Congress Topics

  • Evidence-based prevention strategies
  • Risks and prognostic factors influencing course
  • Evidence-based diagnosis and treatment
  • Societal and public health impact
  • Functional disability/optimum return to work interventions
  • Advances in auto engineering and traffic safety

Learning Objectives

  • Describe societal and public health impact of neck pain in the general population
  • Identify risk factors influencing course and prognosis of neck pain
  • Identify and describe current evidence-based prevention strategies in neck pain
  • Compare and contrast risks and benefits of diagnostic interventions
  • Compare and contrast surgical and non-surgical evidence based management strategies with costs and benefits
  • Describe complications and adverse events associated with surgical and non-surgical approaches to management
  • List factors contributing to evidence-based return to work strategies
  • Identify advances in auto engineering and traffic safety contributing to crash prevention
  • Identify factors  in head restraint design contributing to significant reductions in neck injury and disability
  • Locate evidence-based resources to inform consumer and health professionals on best practices in neck injury prevention and treatment
  • Identify personal and practice changes congruent with current research

Click here to view the Preliminary Program.

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