Water Shiatsu 1: A Physical Therapist’s Perspective

The What To Do With Your Differently-Abled Child Conference was recently held last November 19 to 24 in Quezon City, Philippines.

Our physical therapist colleague, Rev Cruz, gives us an interesting account on his blog, Perelandran Chronicles, of his first-hand experience when he attended the Water Shiatsu Course 1 Training, which was part of the said conference. Included in his blog entry are video clips and picture slideshows to give you better idea of what this technique is all about. Here is an excerpt of his article:

I have always been passionate about Watsu® ever since I received a basic introduction to it when I took a certification course in Sports for Physically Disabled Individuals in Tokyo, Japan (JICA sponsored). Ever since my professor lent me a training video, I’ve been integrating it if possible in my aquatherapy sessions, and demonstrating it in Aquatherapy classes. After receiving a Watsu® session, I’m convinced that this is something I could (actually, should) share to others. I saw it’s potentials as a therapeutic modality among patients especially those suffering from pain, spasticity and other conditions. And since then, I’ve been looking for opportunities to further my knowledge and skills in Watsu®, but was only limited by my lack of resources (The courses offered in Harbin Springs, California are quite expensive not to mention, I have to travel there first. The nearest I’ve found was in India last September, but I couldn’t leave my work in CAMP). It was providential that Quality Life Discoveries, per my recommendation, brought in the experts instead.

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Rev CruzRev Cruz is a physical therapist and ergonomist based in Cainta, Philippines who also works as a freelance graphic artist in his spare time. He is also a lecturer/professor for the UP Manila Community Health and Development Program.

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  1. im looking for physical therapist, may i know where can i contact sir rev cruz or refer someone, my location is pasig (near Ever Gotesco).

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