WFOT 2010 Congress Updates

Online registration for the 2010 World Federation of Occupational Therapists Congress in Chile is now open. The initial programme is also now available on the website for viewing.

Here again is the vision for this year’s WFOT Congress:

Congress Vision
The 15th WFOT World Congress focuses on contemporary perspectives in occupational therapy and occupational science. Many of these perspectives emerge from the historical roots of international practice while others reflect the thinking of current times. The Congress incorporates human rights as a necessary framework for the development of the science and occupational therapy. The Congress themes guide the presentations yet provide the flexibility for unique and refreshing viewpoints, evidence to support theory and practice policy development and most importantly to engage in comparative exercises across all aspects of occupational therapy and occupational science. The exploration of the forces acting on the profession’s knowledge and domains of practice is essential. Congress participants will participate in stimulating reflective dialogue about their practice and personal contexts as well as the emerging evidence which distinguishes Latin American practice.

I just had a squiz at the initial programme and was quite delighted to see 3 Filipino Occupational Therapists who will be presenting at the Congress — Mr Lyle Duque, Mr Allen Espelita and Ms Grace Cabatingan. Our warmest congratulations to the three of you! We are most proud of you! If we missed out on any other Filipino OT presenting at the Congress, please let us know by leaving a comment so that they can be duly acknowledged.

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