Bobath Pediatric Introductory Course in Manila

Course Objectives
At the end of the course the participant is expected to:

  • Understand the Bobath concept in its current form, and its applications in the assessment and treatment of the child with cerebral palsy.
  • Identify the needs of children with cerebral palsy based on the Bobath clinical classification.
  • Apply principles of Bobath in making sound assessment.
  • Discuss possible treatment strategies based on the Bobath approach.
  • Choose appropriate treatment options based on the needs of a child with cerebral palsy.
  • Demonstrate skill in handling and implementing tone influencing patterns during supervised practice sessions with a partner and supervised treatment sessions with a child with cerebral palsy.

Course Leaders
Mr. Jung-Sun Hong
Senior International Bobath Instructor; Vice-President of the ABPIA and Vice-Director of the Bobath Children’s Hospital, South Korea.

Mr. Katsumasa Kii
Senior International Bobath Instructor; Member of the ABPIA and Head of Children’s Center, Bobath Memorial Hospital, Tokyo, Japan.

With Bobath International Instructors and Bobath-trained medical professionals from the Korean Bobath Association and the Japan Bobath Association

Schedule of Activities
Day 1 (October 6, Saturday)
9:00- Introduction
10:00 Definition, Etiology, and Classification of Cerebral Palsy
13:00- Normal Development
15:00: The Bobath Concept

Day 2 (October 7, Sunday)
9:00- Normal Development
11:00- Abnormal Movement
13:00- Spasticity
15:00- Demonstration 1

Day 3 (October 8, Monday)
9:00- Athetosis
11:00- Tone Influencing Pattens 1
13:00- Ataxia and Hypotonia
15:00: Tone Influencing Patterns 2

Day 4 (October 9, Tuesday)
9:00- Tone Influencing Patterns 3
11:00- Demonstration
13:00- Practice session with children

Day 5 (October 10, Wednesday)
9:00- Tone Influencing Patterns 4
13:00- Practice session with 6 children
16:00- Summary

[This is a guide to the activities of the 5-day course and is subject to change as per need of the participants and the judgment of the course leaders. The specific lectures and lecturers will be announced one week prior to the start of the course.]

Workshop Guidelines

  • Course participants must bring a change of clothing: short pants with non-slippery fabric and comfortable shirt for the facilitation/tone influencing patterns sessions. (You may come to the seminar in your usual clothes, but please change for the sessions. You are required to wear socks during all the mat sessions).
  • Daily course activities will start promptly at 9:00 AM. The participant is requested to be at the venue by 8:30 AM so that there is enough time for registration and other preparations.
  • Videotaping is not allowed. The Bobath Advocacy Group reserves the right to videotape any part of the activity. We encourage our participants to understand Bobath in terms of Concept, not just in terms of technique so recording of sessions is not encouraged. We believe that it is best to understand through observation and practice during the sessions.
  • Taking of still pictures with a digital camera is allowed during the session. However, the participant is enjoined to actively attend and participate in the activities rather than take pictures. We request that the pictures be used only for review purposes and not for exhibition to the public in lectures or other similar activities.
  • The Course participant will be given a certificate of participation upon completion of the 5-day activity. The certificate that will be issued is NOT a Bobath Certification as this is awarded only upon successful completion of a two- month Bobath Basic Pediatric Course. The participant of the Intro Course is encouraged to apply the knowledge and skills learned during the course to his/her professional practice. However, the Introductory Course is not designed to enable the participant to give lectures, seminars or workshops on the Bobath Concept and its applications in the management of children with cerebral palsy to other therapists and health professionals. Further training is required.

This Course is limited to 30 slots only.

Manila, Philippines (venue to be announced)

October 6 to 10, 2007

Payment Schedule and Deadlines
Deadline of submission of CV: September 9, 2007
Deadline of confirmation of slot: September 12, 2007

Course Fee: PhP8,000.00
If full payment by October 1, 2007: course fee is only PhP 7,000.00 (discount of PhP 1,000.00)

Partial payment scheme:
PhP1,500.00 by September 16, 2007 (non-refundable)
PhP3,300.00 by September 30, 2007 (total of PhP4,800.00 or 60% of PhP8,000.00)
PhP2,400.00 by October 6, 2007 (total of PhP7,200.00 or 90% of PhP8,000.00)
PhP800.00 by October 10, 2007 (fully paid)

Reservations and Inquiries
Interested OT, PT, SP professionals and physicians may send their C.V. to (Please include your clinical experience and list the continuing education activities you’ve attended).

You may also contact Ms. Araceli Socorro S. Estose at +639177163644.

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