Refresher Course on Parenting Children with ADHD

Being a parent in itself is tough (we won’t even bother getting into hemorrhoid pain relief). Having a child with special needs is even tougher. Here is a refresher course for parents with children who suffer from ADHD.

When & Where
30 January 2010 (8:00 am – 5:00 pm)
2nd Floor, Conference Room, Manila Observatory Bldg.,
Social Development Complex, Ateneo de Manila University,
Quezon City

The refresher course is for those who already have attended the 8-week parenting module. It offers a chance to reflect and build on your experiences after you had graduated from the Parenting Class. A major plus is a workshop that is focused on concerns regarding your children in the preschool (up to 7 years old), 8-12, and teen age-groups.

The refresher course is a good way to review and strengthen parenting practices. It is also a good way to meet other parents.

For registration and inquiries, please contact the ADHD Secretariat Office at (632) 927-3463 / 426-8568 or (63)918-9079159.

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