Global Delphi Survey of Occupational Therapy Pain Assessments

Researchers from the School of Occupational Therapy at Texas Woman’s University Dallas Campus are seeking occupational therapy experts located world wide as part of a Delphi study on assessing pain across cultures. The purpose of the study is to globally pilot the efficiency and effectiveness of electronically distributed Delphi survey methods to identify the type of pain assessments being used by occupational therapists globally and the frequency and context of use of participant identified pain assessments in occupational therapy clinical practice, education, and/or research.

Requirements include: English literacy or access to translation, access to a computer, and internet.

If interested, click here to access letter of consent and survey. Round I will be available February 10, 2010 through March 3, 2010, and Round II available March 24, 2010 through April 14, 2010. We all know pain can be quite disabling and lead you to disability, so the researchers would appreciate your participation and contribution of knowledge of pain assessments in an effort to further the field of occupational therapy.

Source: WFOT

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