The Physical Therapy Prescription

The article quoted below was published in American Family Physican, a peer reviewed journal of the American Academy of Family Physician, last December 1st.

The Physical Therapy Prescription

SCOTT E. RAND, MD, Conroe Medical Education Foundation,Conroe, Texas

CHRIS GOERLICH, MSc, PT, Texas Sports Medicine Center, Tomball, Texas

KRISTINA MARCHAND, MD, and NATHANIEL JABLECKI, MD, Conroe Medical Education Foundation, Conroe

Numerous guidelines recommend physical therapy for the management of musculoskeletal conditions. However, specific recommendations are lacking concerning which exercises and adjunct modalities to use. Physical therapists use various techniques to reduce pain and improve mobility and flexibility. There is some evidence that specific exercises performed with the instruction of physical therapists improve outcomes in patients with low back pain. For most modalities, evidence of effectiveness is variable and controlled trials are lacking. Multiple modalities may be used to treat one clinical condition; decisions for the treatment of an individual patient depend on the expertise of the therapist, the equipment available, and the desire of the attending physician. A physical therapy prescription should include the diagnosis; type, frequency, and duration of the prescribed therapy; goals of therapy; and safety precautions. (Am Fam Physician 2007;76:1661-6. Copyright © 2007 American Academy of Family Physicians.)

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The article was also featured in Medscape Medical News and was titled Physical Therapy Modalities Helpful for the Family Clinician to Know.

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