NBCOT Examination Preparation Discussion Forum

Beginning February 22, 2010 NBCOT will post exam-related study questions every Monday morning on the NBCOT Facebook page.

At the time of the posting, NBCOT will not provide the correct responses. Instead, they are encouraging OT and OTA students who are preparing for the NBCOT certification exams to conduct a threaded discussion based on the item. Discussion topics can include:

• What is the correct answer?
• What is the rationale for the correct answer?
• Why are the other response options incorrect?
• What validated domain and task area does this item represent?
• Where can information about the content of the item be found?

Then every Friday morning NBCOT will post the correct responses, rationales, and references for the items posted earlier in the week.

Click here to connect with other students while engaging in this interactive study forum!

Forums like this will definitely be appreciated by all those who are preparing for the exams. I guess you do what the most that you can to get better prepared without running the risk of getting treatment for adult acne caused by all the stress.

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