Postural and Functional Exercise Workshop

When & Where
17-18 April 2010
Manila, Philippines (exact venue to be confirmed)

Postural exercises have significantly evolved through time. From the simple planar exercises, to a more advance functional trainings. Names like Robin McKenzie, Pete Egoscue, Mary Bond, Esther Gokhale and others are now becoming more synonymous with better and more efficient exercises. These exercises have proven their worth and have become more sophisticated through the years. And once you study, see, feel and hear the works of these exercise , you’ll realize that there are more to them that just protocol.

Sometimes, for a practicing therapist, it is not enough just to how to theoretically perform these exercises. It is highly important the reasons why and how to execute them properly. With proper execution, the effects are maximized and the probability for injuries is lessened.

With this seminar, we will learn what are the new ways in effective exercise prescription and how to properly execute different postural and functional exercises that would address common postural concerns like back pain, neck pain, shoulder dysfunctions, TMJ and even some neurological symptoms. More so, we will have a better understanding of which exercises would have better results if properly combined.

Registration Fee

Early Bird (until 20 March 2010): PhP 2,000
Regular Rate (after 20 March 2010): PhP 3,000
Students (4th years and interns): PhP 2,000 PESOS

BONUS: Early bird registrants will be given CD/DVD copies of selected exercises and techniques (first come, first serve basis and while copies last).

Surely this is something worth more considering than wedding favors. For inquiries, please contact Mr Leomil Adriano at (63) 9159096652 or

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