Healthy Cooking Demonstration & Biomed and Nutrigenomics

When & Where
18 March 2010 (11:30 am to 2:30 pm)
Speciabilities Development Center
11 Binmaka St. (near Biak na Bato St.)
Manresa, Quezon City
1115 Philippines

Part 1: Introduction to Healthy Cooking – to be conducted by Mrs. Aimee Petras, mother of one of our students. An actual cooking demonstration will be shown to further appreciate and understand the concept of healthy cooking. This presentation is in cooperation with Royal Prestige Company, the leading carrier of Surgical Stainless Cookware.

Part 2: Biomedicine & Nutrigenomics – to be facilitated by Dra. Girlmar Leones, MD, DPPS, Pediatrics & Natural Medicine, Biomedical & Nutrigenomics practitioner. Dra. Leones will discuss a special diet for children with developmental delays needed to enhance their progress. This is a great opportunity for parents to know more about biomed and nutrigenomics.

For inquiries, contact Teacher Ting V. Patriarca (Directress) or Jane Estayan (Secretary) at (632) 361-9178 or 364-3460. No need to worry about your tuxedo, as this will surely be a casual event.

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