Seminar – Workshop on Palpation, “Listening,” and Diagnostic Skills LAB for Neuromyofascial, Cranial, and Visceral Manipulation

When & Where
May 16, 2010
10am to 3pm
Skyway Twin Towers,
#351 Capt. Henry Javier Street
Pasig City, Philippines

A Brief Introduction
Visceral Manipulation involves hands-on techniques that alter restrictions imposed on the visceral organs. The aim is release of previously impaired mobility and motility. This normalized organ freedom of movement may also release musculoskeletal structures that have been secondarily affected. Reflexive guarding and adhesions causing Somatic Dysfunctions may be broken up with Visceral techniques. The approaches adapted here are meant as a practical introduction to Visceral Manipulation. It is hoped that newbies will be spurred on by their new discoveries and successes with treatments, and that long-time practitioners gain new understandings into how best to utilize old and new treatment techniques.

This is not intended to be an intense anatomical review. Practitioners are expected to work within the regulation of their respective professions. The organizers of this workshop waive liability from any damages that may be incurred by unsupervised and improper use of the techniques demonstrated.

Intended Outcomes for this session will include:

  • An understanding of Viscero-somatic interplay and the influence of Visceral Restrictions on selected musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Understanding differences between motility and mobility
  • Recognizing organ locations and movements.
  • Learning basic fascial tension and recognizing a neuromyofacial unwind.
  • Understanding and using the Therapeutic Pulse.
  • Recognizing subltle motilities of selected organs.
  • Uderstanding the Tensegrity concept and using it as a treatment mechanism.
  • Understanding the possibility of a strong interplay between emotions and Viscero-somatic reactions.
  • Understanding how emotional stress can give rise to somatic conditions such as TMJ problems, chronic neck pain, shoulder pain, sub-occipital pain, migraine headaches, tension headaches, and lower back pain.
  • Understanding and using Autonomic Shifts.
  • Recognizing protective and adaptive mechanisms.
  • Incorporating a treatment mechanism as an endpoint for the fine-tuned palpation skills.
  • Developing an improved understanding of the etiology and pathophysiology of Visceral Dysfunctions.
  • Demonstration and return demonstration for selected Visceral Manipulation Techniques.
  • Developing an understanding of how to incorporate Visceral Manipulation in clinical treatments.
  • A basic Understanding of how to incorporate treatments in an integrative way, as may address Viscero-Somatic and Junctional Somatic Dysfunctions.

As this is a mixed introductory session, time will also be allotted for Cranial Manipulation and a recap and adaptation of selected techniques from previous Sessions, which were for Somatic Manipulation.

For more information on this event, contact Dionne Chua at: (63)905 426 9496. Alternatively, while you surf the net for adipex, you can also visit the Manual Medicine Group blog and watch their space for any further announcements regarding this event.

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