CSP publishes ‘Fit for Work’

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) published recently a leaflet and poster, offering advice on staying fit and healthy in the office.

Employment plays a big part in keeping you healthy – just going out to work is good for you, both physically and mentally.

Many people spend a large proportion of their time at work. It’s common to feel too busy doing your job to take
the time to consider how it impacts on your health.

Office workers particularly spend hours sitting still and carrying out repetitive tasks. The human body isn’t designed for this; we’re supposed to be moving around, so all this time spent at a desk needs to be well managed.

This leaflet will show you how to incorporate enough physical activity into your day to help you stay fit and healthy for work, and how to avoid aches and pains in the office.

The leaflet and poster comes packed with lots of information and practical advice, which is worth investing in your health savings account. Click here to download the ‘Fit for Work’ leaflet or poster from the CSP website.

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