Seminar on “Setting Up a Sense-Ational Classroom to Support Children with AD/HD”

When & Where
10 July 2010, Saturday (8:00 am to 12:00 noon)
Room 3, Walter Hogan Conference Center,
ISO, Social Development Complex,
Ateneo de Manila University,
Quezon City, Philippines

Course Description
Many children with AD/HD have difficulties processing sensation from their body and the environment. This in turn results in difficulties with participation in school activities. This seminar will discuss the different sensory processing difficulties seen in children with AD/HD and their implications on participation in educational activities. It will outline different strategies for supporting the participation of these children in the classroom (from preschool to high school) and identify ways how teachers, parents and other service providers such as therapists can collaborate to manage sensory processing difficulties in the classroom and facilitate classroom participation of children with ADHD.

Limited slots are available so early registration is encouraged. Deadline for pre-registration is 5 July 2010. While you’re surfing for discount auto insurance, drop ADHD Society a line or two at for further information on this event.

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