Diplomate in Osteopathy Course

The following information was forwarded to us by one of our colleagues, Mr Leomil P. Adriano, PTRP,MSPT, DMS,CAc.


Osteopathy is a manual therapy system that is based on sound basic sciences particularly, anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. Its main aim is to bring back the body in a situation that is compatible to healing. Due to its effectiveness, osteopathy is has been regarded as one of the most highly admired complementary and alternative therapies.

It was founded by Andrew Taylor Still, an allopathic doctor during the US civil war in the latter part of 1800’s. He started to doubt the practice of medicine of his era due to the belief that the common pharmaceutical preparations then, would cause more harm than good. He argued that the body, like any living creation, has the capacity to heal itself, given the proper conditions. An example is when cut and the wound heals.

He then started to reexamine and restudy the body and created principles that could bring healing, cure and relief in the most natural way. Afterwhich, he started a school and Kirksville Tennessee, and the rest is history!

In the US, the osteopaths are regarded as DO (doctor of osteopathy) which can perform all the functions of a medical and allopathic doctor PLUS perform manual medicine. In other countries, like UK and Canada, they range from bachelor, diplomate, master and doctorate level.

Currently, here in the Philippines, there are no full bloom osteopaths. Meaning there are no trainings yet, to be full pledge osteopaths. Many PTs, other therapists and healthcare practitioners are using their techniques but not the clinical reasoning. Many are familiar with muscle energy techniques, strain-counterstrain and craniosacral therapy but may not know that these came from osteopathy. Even the practice is still unregulated.

With this, SOMATIC felt the need for osteopathic training and is having the first quantum (advance module) to be administered by Osteopathic College of Ontario and Osteopathic Health and Wellness Institute headed by Dr. Steven Sanet (you may visit www.ohwi.org or www.o-co.ca for more information). This will be on September 3-5, 2010. The whole program is consisting of 8 quanta and for the Philippine program, there will be a month of clinical training (staggered rotation). Each quantum is spaced 3-4 months and will give an ample time for the trainees to practice what they first learned. We will also teach the basic of traditional Eastern Medicine to complement osteopathy. You be surprise how these Eastern and Western Systems can complement each other!

The first batch of osteopaths will be the forerunners of osteopathy here in the Philippines and will be given the privilege to write the initials, DO-MTP (Diplomate in Osteopathy-Manual Theories and Practice) after their names. These same people would be automatic founding members of the Philippine Osteopathic Practitioners Association.

The first quantum worth Php 20,000 for non somatic member and Php 18,000 for members but the association will try to find ways to lessen the fees of the succeeding quanta. Also try to compare it with trainings that OHWI usually gives abroad! It is way too cost effective if you get it here. And it is the same training and recognition they will give elsewhere in the world!

What we need now is to start, and once it get in running, it will be easier to have the next sets of quanta.

For the brave ones who will join, SOMATIC will give you FREE registration on SOMATIC WORKSHOP and discounts on SOMATIC ORGANIZE EVENTS.

If you are up to the challenge (much like what it is with atv racing), the deadline for registration is on August 5, 2010. This program is open to medical doctors, PTs, OTs and other healthcare professionals who had ample basic sciences, anatomy and physiology subjects.

For inquiries, please feel free to contact 09159096652 or letter4manther@yahoo.com.

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