Hands-on Pain Relief Workshop: Autonomics, Nerves, and Resets

When & Where
June 20, 2010
10 am to 3 pm
AICA at Pasig City Philippines

The Autonomic Nervous System is the Background hardware and software that keeps us running safely. It is also connected to what is termed “the Unconscious Mind.” Here is where our survival mechanisms, hopes, wants, dreams & drives are keyed in. How do we affect the Autonomics? How can we shift the balance back to the coveted “Rest and Recovery” State?

Among other topics, this Sharing Session aims to cover:

  • An Autonomic Basic Reset Technique
  • Mesenteric Reset
  • Occipital Compression
  • Sub-occipital Tracking
  • The Therapeutic Pulse

By request from returnee participants, some time will also be lent to the Shoulders and Low Back.

Prepaid until June 9 – Php 777
Until June 11 – 888
Until June 16 – 1088
Until June 18 – 1288
Late Reg and On-Site: 1488

For further information, click here.

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