Quantum 1 for Osteopathy Course

This is a follow-up to our post on Diplomate on Osteopathy Course.

Osteopathic College of Ontario in partnership with SOMATIC will have the first module known as QUANTUM 1 on September 3-5, 2010 in Manila, Philippines.

It is the first out of eight (8) quanta that will be held for the DIPLOMATE IN OSTEOPATHY COURSE. Succeeding quanta is spaced 3-4 months in between to facilitate better learning and skill enhancement.

You may be able to finish it in 2-3 years time. IF interested, I suggest we take it now for we may not repeat the course in the near future due to Dr. Sanet’s and his team’s availability. Also, SOMATIC would like to make sure that the first batch is really capable of performing before planning another one. We are not just after the number, we are after quality and attitude.

Topics for Quantum I

Practical Highlights

  • Counterstrain I (Cervical, Thorax, Lumbar & Sacrum)
  • Counterstrain II (Ribcage, Abdomen & Pelvis)
  • Counterstrain III (Shoulder, Upper & Lower Extremities)
  • Facilitated Positional Release (Whole Body)
  • Myofascial Release I (Cervical, Thorax & Ribcage)
  • Functional Technique I (Cervical Spine)

Lecture Highlights

  • Osteopathic History
  • Osteopathic Philosophy
  • Osteopathic Nomenclature
  • Neurophysiology (Reflexes) & Osteopathic Manipulative Theory
  • The Importance of Fascia
  • Gravity & Fascial Compensation
  • Travel’s Trigger Points
  • Homonculi, Dermotomes, Myotomes, & Sclerotomes

Schedule of Fees

  • 50% downpayment on or before July 30, 2010. The remaining 50% could be paid (either full or staggered) on or before Sept 3, 2010 (1st day of the course).
  • Fees (per quantum):
    18,000 PHP – for SOMATIC members
    20,000 PHP- for Non SOMATIC members
    450 USD – For international participants

    For enquiries, contact Mr Leomil Adriano at telephone number (632) 3833891, mobile number 09159096652 or email (letter4manther@yahoo.com). Course details may be viewed at www.ohwi.org or www.o-c-o.ca.

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