Advanced Clinical Rehabilitation (ACR) in Physical Therapy Seminars

A physical therapist colleague of ours has informed us that they will be conducting Advanced Clinical Rehabilitation (ACR) in Physical Therapy Seminars in Manila, Philippines in April 2008. The speaker for these seminars will be Mr. Marvin G. Ventura, MPhtySt (Sports Phty), RPT, CKTP.

Pre-registration for the seminars that will be conducted by the Advanced Clinical Rehabilitation (ACR) in Physical Therapy is now open. Pre-registration forms are available already in the DATABASE section of the ACR yahoogroups (located on the left pane of the yahoogroups website).

Pre-registration Instructions
1. Go to the ACR yahoogroups website and join the group.

2. Once approved, you can access the website and click on DATABASE which is located on the left pane of the webpage.

3. There are 4 choices that you can pre-register. Click on the event you wish to attend on April 2008 (detalis located below).

    a. Advanced Assessment and Treatment Strategies for Low Back Pain: A Clinical Perspective (April 5-6, 2008) – limited to 150 participants only
    b. Mentoring Program Day 1 (April 7, 2008) – limited to 50 participants only
    c. Mentoring Program Day 2 (April 11, 2008) – limited to 50 participants only
    d. Therapeutic Taping Techniques for the Upper and Lower Quadrants (April 13, 2008) – limited to 30 participants only

4. Press ADD RECORD and fill out the fields (Name, email, mailing address, cellphone number, company, PPTA ID number, student/professional).

5. Press ADD RECORD again and then you will verify your details.

6. Once you have checked that all details are correct. You have already been pre-registered. Pre-registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the slots are filled, the succeeding pre-registrants will be in the waiting list. Pre-registered participants will receive an email on payment instructions at a later date.

If you have any questions, you can send an email to, or visit the ACR yahoogroups website.

Details of the venue will be announced as soon as it has been finalized. Payment instructions will be sent by the organizers on the 1st week of March 2008 or earlier. Details of the seminar, program, fees are subject to changes.

Click here for more information on the details of the program and fees. You may also download the brochure for these events here.

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