32nd National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week

July 17-23 is National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week in the Philippines!

This year’s celebration carries the theme ‘’SA ISTRUKTURANG ACCESSIBLE, LAHAT AY ABLE,” a combination of English and Tagalog languages. However, for common understanding among the general public an English text is conceptualized as “ÁN ACCESSIBLE STRUCTURE IS ABLE TO HELP ALL.”

The theme was aptly chosen and adopted by the members to align with the functions of the lead agency whose mandate, among others, concerns the promotion of the accessibility of persons with disabilities towards a barrier-free environment pursuant to Batas Pambansa Bilang 344 better known as the “Accessibility Law.” This is ably supported by Republic Act No. 7277 otherwise known as the “Magna Carta for Disabled Persons” and its amendatory law, Republic Act No. 9442. This is being considered as an important factor in order to enhance public understanding of accessibility issues, and where relevant, they can be used as resources in the development of other national and local standards.

Best practices in universal design among buildings and other public infrastructures are also being considered in the theme as basis for discussion among local building officials/authorities, architects and building owners to comply with the universal design principles. This will provide affordable design practices that meet the needs of the widest possible range of people who use the facility.

To view the schedule of activities for this special celebration, visit the NCDA website. And as it is expected lots of people will be convening to these activities, it’s always best to keep your mmf drawer locked or practice precautionary measures in cases of emergencies.

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One thought on “32nd National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week”

  1. Hi! I am a student from UP Manila. We are supporting the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week. This year’s theme is “Sa istrakturang accessible, lahat ay able.”

    May I know where to get concrete information on what really are the accessibility issues the PWDs experience? probably personal stories of these issues..

    We would be conducting an activity that will help the awareness of the students in our campus about these issues. Thanks a lot and God bless!

    Hoping to receive a reply.=)

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