New Publication: Vocational Navigation for Occupational Therapy Staff

The result of a collaboration between the College of Occupational Therapists and the National Social Inclusion Programme, the new publication titled Work Matters: Vocational navigation for occupational therapy staff is aimed at occupational therapists and other allied health professionals and provides good practice guidance to support their work with people on their journeys to employment. BAOT/COT’s introduction of the publication is quoted below. 

This book has been written to support you, as occupational therapists, to work with your clients and service users on their journeys to work whether they are young, working age, older adults, at whatever point they are referred to you.

It is relevant to all areas of occupational therapy practice. Increasingly our clients and research are telling us that people want to work but experience barriers in finding, returning to and sustaining work.

This book, in three sections, aims to outline some of these barriers and how you, the occupational therapist, can work with your clients to identify and tackle them. It will introduce some ideas to support you in engaging with your clients around work issues and signpost you and them to useful sources of information and potential partner organisations. After having read it you should be able to navigate journeys or pathways to employment with the people you work with.

Click here to download Work Matters.

Source: British Association/ College of Occupational Therapist

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