Healthy Active Ageing Global Discussion

The World Health Organization, Departments of Reproductive Health and Research, Human Resources for Health, University of Iowa Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, and Partners invite you to join the Healthy Active Ageing Virtual Global Discussion Forum from 1-12 October 2010; an inter-professional network involving representatives from health professions, policy makers, program managers, international organizations/agencies, universities, research institutes and clients: sharing knowledge and experience on issues that affect healthy ageing.

Issues to be discussed
On this United Nations Day of the Older Person, what are the challenges and opportunities we are facing to support healthy active ageing?

If healthy active ageing is our goal, how can we achieve this? What are your success stories? What community based care models have you used in your country? What challenges are you experiencing and how can we manage them?

How do you care for the older persons in your community? In what ways can we better care for people with dementia in our communities?

Register at:

All are welcome to join!

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