World Occupational Therapy Day 2010

October 27 is World OT Day!

Some facts about World OT Day
• Formerly known as “WFOT Occupational Therapy International Day”, October 27th will now be known as “World Occupational Therapy Day” – following agreement by WFOT Council in their meeting held in April 2010.

• “World Occupational Therapy Day” is considered a more appropriate title to reflect the universal appeal of our globally recognised profession. WFOT is an association of national associations therefore the title has been changed to provide ownership to all those people and organisations that support our unique contribution to society.

• World Occupational Therapy Day is an opportunity to increase the visibility of the profession and promote the activities of WFOT nationally and internationally.

• Many WFOT Member Organisations hold an occupational therapy day/week or month in October each year, so it was agreed that World Occupational Therapy Day be held on 27th October every year.

For more ideas on how to participate in this awareness campaign (rather than how to treat acne scars), visit the WFOT Website.

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