COTRB (Aust & NZ) Inc. Revises Assessment Criteria

The minimum criteria for the assessment process have been revised. This will apply to all applications received by the COTRB office from 1 August 2007 onwards.In particular, the English language criteria has been amended to accept only the IELTS examination by way of an English language test (the OET is no longer accepted), and more detailed information is now provided about circumstances in which the requirement for completion of the IELTS examination will be waived.

Please click on the following link to go to the Assessment Criteria page of the website for full details of the minimum criteria that must be met in order for an applicant to be eligible for skilled migration and to practice in Australia.

The difference now is that they won’t be accepting certificates from your schools attesting that English was the medium of instruction used during your study. Also, they did accept applications before from graduates of non-WFOT accredited schools, but who have had relevant and extensive working experience. It used to be enough for them. Obviously, they are implementing stricter rules in the assessment process, trying to keep up with other international accrediting bodies.

The only good thing with the COTRB is that there is no written exam involved. Once you’ve passed the desktop audit where they evaluate your credentials, all you need to do next is show how competent you are as an occupational therapist in the practice audit part. It’ll be all downhill from there. :)

You can download the revised information leaflet from COTRB here.

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