Workshop on Muscle Energy Technique And Myofascial Release

When & Where
21 November 2010
8AM to 5PM

Muscle Energy Technique is originally an osteopathic technique now adapted by many manual physical therapists. The general concept is to use the muscle “energy” or force in order to decrease pain, increase range of motion and improve function.

While myofascial release is a system of treatment primarily used to decrease myofascial restriction. The fascia and its function is now gaining popularity after many years of being considered as “just inert” tissue.

Done effectively, these two techniques can be effective as standalone modalities or can seamlessly blend with other physical, manual or even alternative therapies.

Trainers are SOMATIC members and officers trained in these two modalities.

Registration Fee
Osteopathy students- FREE

Early bird (until November 12, 2010):
SOMATIC Member – 1,000
Non Somatic/Professionals – 1,200

SOMATIC Member – 1,500
Non Somatic/Professionals- 2,000

These types of training may be worth your investment (apart from lead test kit) to harness your skills in a specialty. Investing in your career is certainly going to provide you some security for your future. For further information, ring up 09159096652 / 09233274606 or send an email to

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