Autism 101: Discovering the Colors of the Spectrum

When & Where
27 November 2010
Divine Word Academy (DWAD) Auditorium,
Dagupan City, Pangasinan

Topics of Discussion:
Neuropathology of Autism and Treatment Possibilities – The nature of the mysteries of autism will be revealed by the recent advances in the autism research, genetic analysis, and neuropathological studies. Likewise possible treatments (pharmacological and therapeutic) will also be discussed, as well as strategies to manage autistic children and adolescents at home.

Thinking in Pictures, Crayons, and Clay; The Role of Play in the Development of Children with Autism – Play and its role in improving social, relational and self expression of children with autism is very important to understand because they are limited, hampered, or sometimes becomes impossible to develop due to the nature of the condition.

Handling a Group of Autistic Kids and Teens; Mainstreaming, and Issues in the Classroom – Education of children with autism will be given emphasis as well as integrating them to a group. Handling different BIG personalities, bullying, temper tantrums, and homework completion are few of the topics that will be included.

Setting a Sense-ational Classroom – Sensory Processing Issues of children with autism and strategies to set an environment that is “friendly” to this kids will be main focus of this part.

Autism and the Law – This section will shed a light on the recent updates about the law and the basic rights of autistic and disabled people.

Voices of Autism – This is a sharing of personal experiences as a parent/family travels the road to recovery.

Before you start researching on things like weight loss tablets, it’s best to get more information about this event from organiser, Mr James Ryan G. Nomus, OTRP. For further details, send your enquiries to 09279951738 / 09189905059, or through this email address:

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