Muscle Tape Accreditation Course

When and Where
March 26-27, 2011 (8-5 pm)
CCI Enterprises Inc. Office
3rd floor, DISPO Phil Bldg.,
Escriva Drive, Shaw Blvd., Pasig City

Muscle Tape Philippines, the official therapeutic tape of the PBA and other Philippine teams, together with Somatic healthcare providers will hold the Muscle Tape Accreditation Course. With the increasing needs for more muscle tape users, muscle tape Philippines felt the need for an accreditation course, which will standardize the practitioners’ knowledge and skills. Courses that will aid the practitioners have a practical knowledge and clinical reasoning using the tape. Together with Somatic, they have designed a 2 day accreditation course, that is based on the biomechanics and current evidences.

Module 1- muscle tape for the upper extremities
Module 2- muscle tape for the lower extremities
Module 3- muscle tape for the spine and other joints


  • Study the different modern biomechanics of the joints and tissues (nerve, soft tissues, ligament, tendons and fascia)
  • Correlate these biomechanics knowledge with the properties and characteristics of muscle tape
  • Understand the rationale for the different taping techniques
  • Understand the indications, contraindications and precautions of using therapeutic tapes
  • Discuss common injuries and dysfunctions that would benefit from using muscle tape
  • Create a pool of practitioners for easier referrals

The accreditation course does not wish to have control over accredited practitioners. Instead, we want to create a pool of tapers that we could refer to because we are confident that the practitioners know what they are doing! As an add-on benefit, we are giving muscle tape products in a discounted price to its accredited practitioners! Eventually, we will have their names in the accredited list in the official website once it is launched ( We are also giving support to those who wish to ask pertinent questions. Furthermore, research will be conducted once the practitioners have a more solid skill and understanding. We will also give product support to those who would run researches.

On or before February 28,2011 – Php 3,800
Onsite registration – Php 4,000
Somatic members – Php 3,500

Fee includes 2 tapes, hand outs and certificate. Additional tapes are available on site at discounted rates — more stuff to put in your medicine cabinets!

For inquiries, you may contact Leomil Adriano through mobile phone (09159096652) or through email (

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4 thoughts on “Muscle Tape Accreditation Course”

  1. Hello,

    I am Leomil,the organizer and instructor for this course.

    It is open to even other professionals as well.

    Please free to contact me at 09159096652 if you have other questions.

    Thanks a lot


  2. Hi I would like to ask if this accreditation is exclusive only for PT’s? I’m an RN and interesado po ako na matutunan ito. Replies will be very much appreciated. Thank you! :)

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