1st Filipino Therapists’ Conference & Expo

When & Where
September 24-25, 2011
Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila

The 1st Filipino Therapists’ conference & expo aims globally advance and competitive Filipino therapists due to rising demand in the market. It also envisions enhancing the organizational, practical skills, competence and ethical service practices of Filipino Therapists. Lastly, this convention would like to raise the Filipino therapists’ awareness of the clients’ and patients’ need in facing the current society.

An event that convenes Filipino Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists & Pediatric Therapists and discuss the goal towards progress. This also aspires to strengthen the industry through forming a distinctive group that will cater the needs and development of Filipino therapists all over the world. The expo aspect of the event will showcase products and services in the therapy industry.

Our aim is to provide further education and development avenues through conventions and events to the industry, practitioners and clients. Through this mission of uplifting the profession and industry to global competitiveness level, domestic and local therapy centers will increase and will eventually profuse number of jobs for newly graduates and unemployed therapists.

For more details (i.e., conference fee, exhibitor & sponsorship packages), please contact Ex-Link Management & Marketing Services Corp.
Tel.: 643-3887 | Fax: 640-1280
Email: info@exlinkevents.com | ritajacinto@exlinkevents.com
Website: www.filipinotherapistsevent.com.ph
Blog: www.filipinotherapistsevent.blogspot.com

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6 thoughts on “1st Filipino Therapists’ Conference & Expo”

  1. Hi Sir Jay,


    As of today it’s 7,000 for individual participation, but if you register in a group, we can give you discounted price.

    You may cal us at 640-1280 or 643-3887.

    Thank you!


  2. Hi Mark nice question. Yes it is a must to attend the conference if you will use the following as metrics:

    1. The Content of the Conference – this event has an International Speakers and well known practitioners in your field.

    2. If you love the industry – Therapy and Rehab Industry needs a lot of forums and avenues where knowledge and skills transfers take place. The first Filipino Conference and Expo provides you these.

    Any event can push through with or without associations most especially if it serve a higher purpose.

    In this case, you will be the judge. Since PRC and DOH have already endorsed it. It is prudent to say that the same line of thinking and metrics were used by those institutions in showing their support to this event.

  3. This event is not endorsed and participated by PRC-accredited/-recognized professional organization of Filipino therapists in the Philippines. Is this worth attending if this is not supported by these associations?

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