Cranial Osteopathy and Osteoarticular Course

When & Where
October 14-16, 2011
Greenhills Elan Hotel

None, since this quantum will start a new set of topic. Anybody interested to learn Cranial Osteopathy and osteoarticular techniques may join provided they have BS or MS with comprehensive anatomy and physiology subjects in healthcare or allied health.

Course Content
Osteopathic College of Ontario Quantum 4 will discuss the Osteoarticular techniques or manipulation based on the osteopathic principles.

Also, this Quantum will start the principles of Cranial osteopathy and how it may differ from other forms of cranial techniques.

Practical Highlights
Osteoarticular Technique II (Thorax)
Osteoarticular Technique II (Ribcage)
Craniosacral Manipulation I (Theory)
Craniosacral Manipulation II (The Vault)
Craniosacral Manipulation III (Sphenobasilar Diagnoses)
Cranial Vault Protocol

Lecture Highlights
Pharmacologic Implications
Temporal Dysfunction, Dizziness, Vertigo & Tinnitus
Seizure Disorder

15% discount if registered on before July 30,2011

For inquiries, contact Leomil Adriano at:
Tel no.: (632) 2935393
Mobile no.: +639159096652
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