ASP Seminars for August 2011

When & Where
27 August 2011
Asian Social Institute
1518 Leon Guinto Cor Escoda Sts.,
Malate, Manila

A. Applying Ergonomics to Children with Special Needs (9:00-12:00NN)

Speaker: Ms. Thea Sheila Ocheda-Alonto, OTRP, OTR

Ergonomics ensure that environments, tools used, and tasks done are safe for everybody. In the past few years, performance of children in school-related activities have been affected as number of students experienced muscle aches and pains due to maintenance of awkward postures and/or the use of inappropriate tools and equipment. As a result, there has been an increased effort to make educational environments, as well as tools and equipment used by children in particular, safe and comfortable. Children with special needs are no exception and likewise require proper attention with regards to ergonomics. This discussion presents guidelines on design and lay-out of study areas at home and in school suited to children with special needs, appropriate use of computers and other hand-held devices, and backpack use.

B. Developing Recreational Activities for Children and Adolescents with Special Needs (1:30-4:30PM)

Speaker: Ms. Karen Navarro, OTRP, OTR

The lecture will discuss the importance of recreational activities for persons with special needs. Current studies and practices related to sports, arts, and other leisure pursuits will also be presented. The speaker will share her experiences in developing programs for children and adolescents with special needs. These include wushu, gymnastics, taekwondo, swimming, and painting. Other recreational activities suitable for persons with autism will also be identified. Available community support, international collaboration and participation, opportunities, and possibilities will be tackled too.

For further information, contact ASP at 9266941/9298447.

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