Manual Therapy Workshops in November 2011

When & Where
13 November 2011
Dolce Latte
Quezon Avenue,
Quezon City (near C&E Bookshop)


Failed Low Back Pain Syndromes are low back pain conditions that seem hard to treat if not impossible to treat. It usually last for months or even years without giving much relief. Most of the time, many patients just “learned to live with it” hoping that simple heat pad or liniment could lessen the pain. But these syndromes could be addressed if we only know how to assess and “zoom in” with the proper clinical reasoning and technique algorithms.

In this workshop, participants will learn:
– The commonly unnoticed part of anatomy and biomechanics
– Recognize the different causes of failed low back pain syndromes
– Clinical reasoning on the “probable” causes of failed low back pains
– How to assess low back pain and decide which techniques to consider
– Different therapeutic exercises with evidence based reasoning


Are you one of those who have seen and treated patients with carpal tunnel syndromes, De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis, thoracic outlet syndromes and the likes? Did you ever felt you think you can to do more than modalities and strengthening? Have you ever ask yourself, If the nerves are really damaged, why am I still putting tension to it when I do my Limb Tension Testing? Am I doing the right nerve mobilization? In this course, we hope to help you learn the essentials.

In this introductory course, the participants will learn:
– Basic theories of Neurodynamics and the evidences
– Some useful assessments of Neurodynamics
– General techniques in managing neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions
– How to benefit from having learn the full training of Neurodynamics

These workshops are open to PTs, Sports Scientists, students that have finished anatomy and physiology and other allied medical practitioners. 75% hands on. So be in comfortable loose clothings!

Registration Fee
Early registration (until 29 October 2011) – Php2000
Onsite registration – Php2500

Fee includes hand outs, certificate, AM /PM snacks, and served lunch.

For more information, contact (632)2805097 / +639159096652/ +639233274606/ /

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