Somatic Dry Needling Course

When & Where
14-15 January 2012
Venue to be confirmed

Dry needling is a technique of inserting fine needles into trigger points or nodules in order to decrease pain, improve mobility and increase function.

This is like basic acupuncture but the insertion of needles is not based on meridian and acupuncture points. Rather, the insertion is in a spot of a soft tissue (muscle, ligament and fascia etc.) that might be causing pain or dysfunction. Due to this, it is often called western acupuncture. Dry Needling is also known as local Ah Shih Point Acupuncture. But this definition is just for reference and acupuncture and dry needling may be different in many ways. Though many dry needlers studies acupuncture for advance training.

Dry needling system has been proven effective especially but not limited to patients with chronic pain and in sports. It is easily integrated with modern manual therapy and osteopathic techniques.

SOMATIC will host a workshop on dry needling for 2 days. Majority of the Certficate Signatories are ACCREDITED by DOH and PITAHC to teach and manage insertions of needles a therapeutic modality. This ensures attendee to practice dry needling legally.

Dry Needling Course Outline

Basic theory

  • Neurophysiology of Dry Needling
  • Trigger Points Aetiology & Dry Needling
  • Needles & Measurements, Contra-indications, Precautions, Infection Control
  • Management of Adverse Reactions & Informed Consent
  • Scope of Practice, Legal Requirements & Notation


  • Needling Instruction and Clinical Reasoning
  • Dry Needling for the Lower Limb
  • Dry Needling for the Lumbar, Thoracic and Chest Regions
  • Dry Needling for the Upper Limb
  • Dry Needling for the Cervical Region
  • Discussion on application of needling points in various conditions

4,500 PHP (10% discount for those signing up on or before January 5,2012)

Fee includes course manual, certificate and different needle sizes.


Marlon Dagatan – Physical Therapist, Cert. Dry Needling

Leomil Adriano – Physical Therapist AND Cert. Acupuncturist, Grad Dip in Manipulative Therapy

For further information, contact: +639159096652 / +6392233274606 /

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