World Physical Therapy 2011 Recordings

As part of World Confederation for Physical Therapy’s continued efforts to facilitate information exchange across the profession it is pleased to be able to offer this opportunity free of charge.

The following four discussion panels and eight focused symposia have been selected. Discussion panels include a video recording of the session with an option to download PowerPoint presentations. Focused symposia include a full audio recording with the accompanying PowerPoint slides.

Discussion panels

  • Re-building for good: how physical therapy projects can bring long-term sustainable benefits in conflict zones and disaster areas
  • Promoting health, preventing disability: are physical therapists playing their part?
  • The bigger picture: how physical therapists can bring change to health policy and service provision
  • Health human resources: factors affecting equitable access to physical therapy in all parts of the world

Focused symposia

  • Teaching people about pain
  • Global physical activity transitions: emerging measurement and therapeutic opportunity?
  • Future trends in cardiac rehabilitation
  • Physical therapy leadership in disability and HIV: sharing international perspectives
  • Development of evidence-based recommendations for physical therapy diagnosis and treatment
  • Forging links to moral action: Reaching beyond boundaries
  • Spinal manipulation – evidence for physiotherapist delivery of effective procedures
  • Cochrane systematic reviews – enabling evidence-based physiotherapy after stroke

Click here to start viewing these WCPT presentations online.

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