8th Pan Pacific Conference on Rehabilitation

When & Where
November 17-18, 2012
Medicine Cinematorium
University of Santo Tomas
Manila, Philippines

Theme: A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Prevention, Management and Rehabilitation Disability

Conference Objectives
1. Situate the rehabilitation team in the global efforts of preventing, managing and rehabilitating disability in different patient and client populations;
2. Present a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to combating disability at different levels of prevention and in different practice settings; and
3. Provide evidence-based evaluation of and interventions for preventing and minimizing disability in different patient and client populations.

Highlights of the Scientific Programme
1. Plenary sessions on current, general perspectives in the prevention, management and rehabilitation of disability in different patient or client populations
2. Parallel sessions on population-specific, evidence-based presentations of evaluation techniques and interventions to address disability in different settings, from multiple rehabilitation disciplines.
3. Research poster and paper presentations
4. Round-table discussions with experts, involving sharing of experiences and exchange of best practices in specific areas of practice in the field of rehabilitation.
5. Student sharing sessions aimed at gathering information from students regarding the status of education and practice of physical therapy in their respective countries

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