Call for Papers for OTAP’s 47th Annual Convention

The Occupational Therapy Association of the Philippines Inc. (OTAP) will hold its 47th Annual Convention on August 11 & 12, 2012. OTAP invites you to share your innovation, experience in the areas of education, clinical training, practice, professional development, management, and networking by submitting proposals for presentation at the Annual Convention.

Type of sessions

Choose the type of session that best suits your material:

Workshops are 3 hours long and should provide comprehensive information, in-depth information about a specific topic. The material should be based on fundamental knowledge or innovative ideas and should reflect in current trends and practice, education and management. The sessions should incorporate a variety of educational methods, such as lecture, demonstrations, and discussions.

Short courses are 1 hour long and provide the opportunity to deliver a general overview of a broad topic or more detail on a select topic than would be possible during a paper presentation. They are best delivered using a single education method such as a lecture, and allow for a 15-minute question-and-answer period.

Individual papers are 20 minutes long followed by a 10-minute question-and-answer period and provide an arena to report new research, technological advances, programs and techniques.

Posters are visual display of new or interesting techniques, programs, or advances in the profession. A cork bulletin board will be provided. Posters should be prepared in advance and should be large enough to be viewed from a distance of 2 meters.

For interested parties, click here to visit OTAP’s Facebook page.

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