Seminar on Different Taping Techniques: A Synergy of Different Taping Techniques

When & Where
12-13 May 2012
Venue to be confirmed

This workshop will highlight the principles and applications of different taping techniques. Since this is a workshop, we expect the participants to partake in the different activities.

Combination of these taping techniques have been one of the most commonly used taping methods being used now a days due to its efficiency and ease in application. Imagine the different athletes and even patients using these tapes for ease of pain and better function? Clients attest that they feel great if not totally fantastic whenever they have it on. There are different forms of taping techniques which are primarily based on kinesiology and biomechanics. There are other also based on alternative medicine. But which of these techniques would be the most appropriate method of choice. These are some of the things that we will clarify and demystify!

1ST DAY (8am-5pm)
Taping principles and theories
Different Tape cuts and strips
Taping for the Upper Extremities
Taping for the Lower Extremities

2ND DAY: (8am-5pm)
Review of the 1st day
Taping for the Spine
Taping for Special Cases (lymphatics etc.)

Early Bird (Until April 21, 2012) – 3,000 PHP
Beyond April 24, 2012- 4,000 PHP
Onsite – 5,000 PHP
MTAP, GDMT Members – FREE (just pay PHP 1,500 for tapes, food and hand outs)
Somatic members – 10% Discount

Fees are inclusive of different rolls of tapes, AM and PM snacks, lunch, hand outs and certificate.

For more information, contact 09159096652 / (02) 2805097 / /

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2 thoughts on “Seminar on Different Taping Techniques: A Synergy of Different Taping Techniques”

  1. I am a developmental interventionist with major orientation on behavioral management & special education (early intervention). Am I qualified to attend this workshop?



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