Stroke and Occupational Therapy

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Stroke and Occupational Therapy

Task-specific training: evidence for and translation to clinical practice
Isobel J. Hubbard, Mark W. Parsons, Cheryl Neilson, Leeanne M. Carey

Post-stroke fatigue: qualitative study of three focus groups
Nancy A. Flinn, Jan E. Stube

A review of bilateral training for upper extremity hemiparesis
Mary Ellen Stoykov, Daniel M. Corcos

Description of a return-to-work occupational therapy programme for stroke rehabilitation in Singapore
Mei Leng Chan

The impact of stroke: insights from patients in Taiwan
Ya-Chen Lee, Yi-Miau Chen, I-Ping Hsueh, Yen-Ho Wang, Ching-Lin Hsieh

Relationship of Cognitive and Perceptual Abilities to Functional Independence in Adults Who Have Had a Stroke
Ted Brown, Jennifer Mapleston, Allison Nairn, Andrew Molloy
*link goes directly to full article due to recent publication date

Effects of robotic-aided rehabilitation on recovery of upper extremity function in chronic stroke: a single case study
Nancy A. Flinn, Jennifer L. Smith, Christopher J. Tripp, Matthew W. White

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