Seminars on Sensory Integration and the Feeding Struggle

When & Where
20 October 2012
La Sagesse Rehabilitation and Development Center,
14 G. Bunyi Street, Buting, Pasig City

Speaker – Ms. Lady M. Suarez

“Your Child’s Behavior and Sensory Integration”
9:00 AM-12:00 NN

Learn the concept of sensory processing and the basic principles behind Sensory Integration (SI). Find out which among your child’s behaviors are based on sensory processing issues. Learn few techniques on how to integrate SI concept in your child’s routine and play. Know how to modify your home and how to make your environment sensory-rich.

“The Feeding Struggle”
1:30 PM-4:30 PM

Is your mealtime a struggle? The seminar will provide information on normal development of feeding skills. It will also discuss how to make your mealtime pleasant. Techniques will be provided on how to approach your child during feeding and how to modify your child’s meal. Other activities that can be done outside your “feeding time” will also be discussed. Learn how to strengthen your child’s oral motor skills and how to improve oral sensations through play.

For more details, click here to visit the ASP blog or contact them at 9266941/9298447.

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