SPD Foundation 6th Annual National Symposium

When & Where
April 18 & 19, 2008
The Summit Conference & Event Center
411 Sable Boulevard Aurora, Colorado 80011

Presenting practical training in DIR® Floortime: treatment of children with autistic spectrum disorders, regulatory disorders, sensory processing disorder, or with other challenges in relating and communicating.

Goals: Extensive videotape illustrations will teach assessment and treatment

  • Demonstrating effective parent coaching methods in individual and group contexts
  • Using longitudinal videos to track progress
  • Attending to objects, people and play
  • Engaging in meaningful communication
  • Participating in appropriate social interactions
  • Developing concepts and ideas
  • Building play that has a logical flow
  • Enhancing reasoning and abstract thinking

Learning Objectives:

  • How to place the child/family relationship in the forefront when providing intervention
  • How individual differences on the sensory processing continuum can influence behavior, attention, impulse control and motor planning, auditory/verbal processing and visual processing
  • How to use strategies that increase attention and interaction to enhance social participation
  • How to support communication through gesture, affect and language
  • How to support the parent, or other adults, to follow the child’s cues, creating a continuous flow of interaction, increasing attention and affect
  • How to coach caretakers to support peer play and interaction

Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR, Author of Sensational Kids and Founder and Executive Director of the SPD Foundation – presenting the latest research conducted by the SPD Foundation and action steps to officially recognize Sensory Processing Disorder as a valid diagnosis.

Including presentations and updates by:

  • Barb Brett-Green PhD and Sarah A Schoen PhD, OTR
  • Dr. William Gavin PhD: Sensory Registration in Children with SPD vs. Typically Developing Children
  • Dr. Patricia Davies PhD, OTR: Neurophysiological Measures of Sensory Gating as Diagnostic Markers of SPD
  • Dr. Michael Kisley PhD: Relationship of Sensory Gating to Sensory Sensitivity in Adults

Rosemary White, OTR, Senior DIR®/Floortime Faculty – Presenting Greenspan & Wieder’s treatment model for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or challenges in relating and communicating. Ms. White is certified in DIR®|Floortime, is a senior faculty member of the Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders and is clinical faculty, University of Washington. An OT since 1972, she trained with the Bobaths in NDT and with Dr. A. Jean Ayres in OT/SI. She has lectured extensively in the United States. Ms. White founded and directs Pediatric Physical and Occupational Therapy Services in Seattle, WA.

Ideal for caretakers of children with autistic spectrum disorders, sensory processing disorder or other developmental and behavioral disorders. For OT’s, PT’s, SLP’s, MD’s, OD’s, nurses, educators, behavior specialists, and others interested in SPD.

10 hours of AOTA Continuing Education credit will be awarded to participants completing the two-day workshop

For more information, visit the SPD Foundation website.

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