Webinar Series from SPD Foundation

Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR and Sarah A. Schoen, PhD, OTR explain how assessments are selected for identification, treatment planning and measuring progress of children with developmental concerns.

This three-part series is the first of many to come that focus on the flow from assessment to development of a treatment plan. Each series will highlight an assessment tool commonly used in clinic and school settings. Although intended primarily for occupational therapists, content may be beneficial to other professionals, including psychologists, physical therapists, and other childhood intervention specialists. This first series focuses on the M-FUN (Miller Function and Participation Scales).

Session 1: June 19, 12 PM-2 PM EST
Selecting the Right Tools for Conducting a Comprehensive Evaluation
Explore major assessment tools including DAP (Draw a Person), GOAL (Goal-Oriented Assessment of Lifeskills), BOT-2 (Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency), M-FUN (Miller Function and Participation Scales) and more.

Session 2: July 24, 12 PM-2 PM EST
Administration and Scoring of the M-FUN
Assessing Children Ages 3-8 in School and Clinic Settings
Focus on mastery in administration, scoring and basic interpretation of this standardized assessment.

Session 3: August 28, 12 PM-2 PM EST
Advanced Interpretation of M-FUN and How it Informs Treatment
Synthesize client’s information, document and communicate findings to parents and translate findings into a treatment plan.

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