Somatic Dry Needling Course

When & Where
3-4 August 2013
Rm. 1203 One Executive Office Bldg,
Delta West Ave corner Quezon Avenue
Quezon City, Philippines

Course Content
Basic theory
· Neurophysiology of Dry Needling
· Trigger Points Aetiology & Dry Needling
· Needles & Measurements, Contra-indications, Precautions, Infection Control
· Management of Adverse Reactions & Informed Consent
· Scope of Practice, Legal Requirements & Notation

· Needling Instruction and Clinical Reasoning
· Dry Needling for the Lower Limb
· Dry Needling for the Lumbar, Thoracic and Chest Regions
· Dry Needling for the Upper Limb
· Dry Needling for the Cervical Region
· Discussion on application of needling points in various conditions

Marlon Dagatan, PTRP, DO-MTP, Cert. Dn
Physical Therapist And Cert. Dry Needling

Leomil Adriano, PTRP, DO-MTP, CAC
Physical Therapist And Cert. Acupuncturist
Grad Dip In Manipulative Therapy

4,500php – on or before June 20,2013
5,500php – on or before July 10, 2013
6,00php – onsite

For more details, contact +639159096652 / +6392233274606 /

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