Seminars from ASP

When & Where
29 June 2013
Bridges Foundation, Inc.
#22 Scout Limbaga Street,
Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City

A. Vision Therapy (9:00 AM – 12:00 NN)

Speaker: Dr. Teresita R. Yambot, OD, MAED, MSO, FPAO

Vision is a learned and developed skill that requires patterned stimulation to the visual cortex. Nobel Prize winning scientists Hubel and Weisel discovered that patterned stimulation is necessary for the development of vision. In the early years, vision stimulation is used to encourage children to pay attention to visual details such as light sources, colors, shapes and sizes. If the child responds to visual stimuli, other activities may be used to teach him how to make sense of the things he is seeing and how to use his vision within the context of daily activities. Vision Therapy utilizing light stimulation enhances the function of the receptors cells of the retina forcing the fovea centralis area to focus on the light stimulus resulting to initiating an eye contact the fastest way among children with autism and other disabilities. The seminar will provide parents, special education teachers and other service providers’ strategies for children with autism to have monocular visual focus that will later initiate alignment of the visual axes of the two (2) eyes until eye contact is attained. They will learn simple visual perceptual skills and visual information processing techniques for children with autism to be more attentive in order to develop the essential cognitive skills that play a very important role in the learning process.

B. Music Therapy (1:30 PM – 4:30 PM)

Speaker: Dr. Estrella R. Agustin, Ph.D., MFLCD, BM

The seminar will tackle about the fundamentals of music therapy and the benefits of music intervention for children with special needs. It is not what children can do but what music can do for these children.

For more details, please call ASP at 9266941/9298447 or visit their blog or Facebook page.

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