1st Osteopathy and Manual Therapy Convention

When & Where
18-19 January 2014
Quezon City, Philippines

Plenary Topics
The SOMATIC Osteopathy Difference
Current Status of Manual Therapy
Position Paper of Osteopathy
Scope of Practice of Manual Therapy
Assessment in Manual Therapy
Taxation and Laws for Clinic Starters (Clinic Starter 101)

For enquiries, contact Somatic Secretariat at (632)2805097 / +639159096652 /+639322774606.

Click on above image for details.
Click on above image for details.
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One thought on “1st Osteopathy and Manual Therapy Convention”

  1. the only thing to upgrade the PT profession in philippines is through autonomy/ direct access

    is there a physiatrist that will prescribe or include that in management in clinics dry needling, manual therapy, ???/

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