PREPARE – physiotherapists’ formula to exam success

Let’s face it. Nobody likes taking exams. Just the mere thought of a major examination coming up gets us all anxious and stressed out, worrying if we can pass the test with flying colors or not.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has recently launched an exam aid to help students to ‘stress down’ as they prepare for their important exams and hopefully get top marks as a result. The programme is called PREPARE, which is a series of essential tips designed to beat stress and make teens revise and perform better.

Exam technique

Caroline Griffiths, chair of Chartered Physiotherapists in Mental Healthcare (CPMH), says: ‘Being a student can be an exciting time in a young person’s life but the pressure of study and expectation of performance can make some students feel stressed or depressed. Though anxiety and stress are a part of life, it is vital that it doesn’t take over your exam preparation.

‘Stress and anxiety is the body’s normal response to excitement, challenge or a threat. How you choose to deal with the symptoms can determine how well you will perform. Stress can either paralyse you, causing you to not think clearly so you cannot produce your best work or it can motivate, helping you to focus and keep alert.’

If poorly handled at exam time, stress and anxiety problems can have a significant impact not only on young people’s education and future but also on their general health and wellbeing. Too much stress can bring on conditions such as sleeping and digestive disorders, tiredness, headaches, appetite-loss and musculoskeletal problems. It can leave you feeling aggressive, depressed, isolated, irritable and lacking in self-esteem.

Chartered physiotherapists working in mental healthcare use physical approaches such as massage, relaxation, acupuncture and exercise to influence psychological health. Such techniques are vital for the effective management of stress.

The guide may be downloaded in full here.

Source: CSP

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