Update on Sensory Integration International (SII)

Here is an important announcement from the California Attorney General’s office. This concerns practitioners who are seeking refunds for SII courses. Please take note that deadline for filing of reimbursement requests is on 15 May 2008.

Consumer Alert! – Sensory Integration International (SII)

Dear Consumers,

There has been a partial settlement of the Los Angeles civil case People of the State of California v. Sensory Integration [sic] International, et al. (LACSC Case Number BC356213). Under the terms of the settlement, a fund (“Settlement Fund”) will be created for the purpose of providing refunds/partial refunds to persons who registered and paid for courses offered by Sensory Integration International (SII), who were unable to take the courses, and never received refunds of registration fees.

In order to be eligible for a refund/partial refund from the Settlement Fund, please submit a written request to: Office of the Attorney General, Charitable Trusts, 300 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, California, 90013, Investigative Auditor Martha Gallardo, or by email to martha.gallardo@doj.ca.gov. You may also submit the request by facsimile to (213) 897-7605.

You will need to provide written documentation to the AGO showing that you paid for a course(s), and a signed statement declaring that you did not attend the course(s) and did not receive a refund of the registration fee from SII or from any other source.

The proof of payment the AGO requires would be, depending on the form of payment to SII, either a copy of the check paid to SII (front and back of check), credit card statement or bank statement with the account number blackened, any sales receipt from SII or confirmation of enrollment. In addition, where applicable, any subsequent correspondence from SII regarding postponement of the course(s), your requests to SII demanding a refund, and any subsequent correspondence with or any email with SII regarding a refund owed to you or acknowledgment from SII regarding a refund due to you (either by way of letter or email, or both).

All requests and supporting documentation must be submitted to the AGO no later than May 15, 2008, in order to be eligible to receive a refund/partial refund from the Settlement Fund.

Just to reiterate, any refund issued, will be for course registration fees that you paid for and did not attend, and did not receive a refund from SII or from any other source. Refund amounts will be determined based on the total number of consumers eligible for the refund pool, thus any refund issued may be less than the amount of a refund claim submitted.

Investigative Auditor Martha Gallardo can be contacted at (213) 620-2102 or martha.gallardo@doj.ca.gov.

Source: California Board of OT

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