USC/WPS Offers Assistance to SII Training Course Participants

In connection with the recent post titled Update on Sensory Integration International (SII), here’s an announcement from Western Psychological Services for SII training course participants.  


USC/WPS Offers Assistance to SII Training Course Participants
By Susanne Smith Roley, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA

January 21, 2008

On June 22, 2007 the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles ordered Sensory Integration International (SII) to cease conducting any and all business in the United States pending the outcome of an ongoing civil case. The order to halt is part of litigation, People v. Sensory Integration International, filed against SII on July 31, 2006, by the Attorney General of the State of California. While the legal actions by the State of California have brought to a halt the alleged unscrupulous and unethical activities involving SII, they have also brought to a halt the Sensory Integration training courses they provided.

At the request of many therapists, the University of Southern California (USC) and Western Psychological Services (WPS) have agreed to work with those individuals whose training was interrupted to help them complete their SI certification through the USC/WPS Comprehensive Program in Sensory Integration. However, there are significant differences between the SII program and the USC/WPS program that make it impossible to simply accept a course-for-course transfer. That is not to say the SII courses were deficient in the training they offered, rather it addresses the fact that their certification process required fewer training hours than the USC/WPS program and that difference must be made up before a USC/WPS certification can be earned.

The USC/WPS Comprehensive Program consists of four 5-day courses with 30 contact hours per course. These courses cover SI theory, Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (SIPT) administration, test interpretation, and intervention. To be eligible for the USC/WPS Certification in Sensory Integration, a total of 120 contact hours of direct instruction must be completed. In addition, a peer review of SIPT administration, clinical observations, and Sensory Processing Measure administration to 3 typical children and 2 children with suspected difficulties are required.

For a limited time, occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech and language pathologists who have completed one or more SIPT certification course through SII are eligible to complete their certification in Sensory Integration through USC/WPS. Depending on the nature and extent of prior training through SII, up to two USC/WPS courses leading to certification may be waived. In addition, a 10% discount on course registration fees will be given to SII transfers. Applications must be made by December 2009 to be eligible for the discount and course waiver. Proof of completion of SII courses such as a certificate of attendance is necessary.

Conditions for the waiver of courses are as follows: The course attended and number of contact hours completed through the SII program will be taken into account. SII training of 30 contact hours or more related to SIPT certification including SIPT administration will result in the elimination of the USC/WPS Course 2 requirement. SII training adding to 60 hours or more related to SIPT certification, including SIPT administration and interpretation, will result in completion of the requirements for USC/WPS Courses 2 and 3. It is required that all SII transfers seeking SI Certification attend USC/WPS Courses 1 and 4, without exception.

Courses are offered regularly in locations across the U.S. as well as countries such as Canada, Austria, Greece, Finland, Columbia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, and Jordan.

USC and WPS understand the vital role therapists play in the lives of the children and families of the children they treat. We are also aware of the importance for the international community of professionals involved in Sensory Integration to maintain the highest standards of treatment for the children. We are committed to helping support those professionals in their quest for specialized education that meets high professional standards and increases the positive effect of their work.

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  1. You may email the Course Coordinator for Western Psychological Services at

    When I inquired last May 2008, there was no schedule yet. Quoting M. Prejean:

    “Perhaps for 2009/2010 we will have something scheduled in Hong Kong, as we have gone there twice and were successful in coordinating the program with a local organization.”


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