Let’s chat!

So, how did your weekend go? Mine was still busy, having added a new feature to the discussion board. If you’re a regular visitor to the site, then you must have noticed the CHAT tab in the menu bar of our forum. Yes, we now have a chatroom for registered members who are into real-time discussions. :)

chatroom screenshot
Chatroom Screenshot

There are lots of wonderful features in our newly integrated chatroom, including a fully customizable interface to suit whatever mood you’re in and graphic avatars for users who log in. It’s so neat, it can even distinguish between male and female users (based on your forum profile). Get into it now with other forum members and experience it for yourselves. Then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Do let us know though if you encounter any problems while you’re giving it a go so we can look into it at once. 😀


On a more serious note, somebody has called my attention to the posting of our articles in an egroup without (!) citing AngTherapist.com as their source. It irks me that somebody can just easily copy and paste these original articles without acknowledging the author. Friends, we don’t mind you disseminating information found on this site to your colleagues but please have the decency to name your source and not try to claim it as one of your own. 

I have said the following in an earlier post but I will say it once again.

We don’t mind you sharing articles from this site. But please don’t forget to mention where you got the article from. All of the articles written here are original, except of course for seminar announcements. If you see something in quotes, those are the ones we got from other sources, which, as much as possible, we try to acknowledge as well.

And as to the ‘fair use’ of copyright, take note of the following guidelines:

(1) PERFORMANCE: the work must have been lawfully made accessible to the public and the use must only be made in private and free of charge
(2) QUOTATIONS: the work must have been lawfully made accessible to the public; the source and name of author must be named (Art. 10(1), Berne Convention)
(3) REPRODUCTION OF NEWS, etc.: if only for information purposes with source clearly indicated (Art. 10bis(1), Berne Convention)
(4) INCLUSION BY WAY OF ILLUSTRATION: for teaching purposes with source and name of author clearly indicated (Art. 10(2), Berne Convention)

Source: International Laws on Copyright (FAQs)

I hope that is clear enough for everyone. Alright, back to regular programming. Have a wonderful week ahead! :)

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