AOTA Board Certification and Specialty Certification

For occupational therapists who would like to apply for the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Board Certification and Specialty Certification, please be reminded that the next deadline will be on June 11, 2008.

AOTA Board Certification and Specialty Certifications serve as a framework for professional development that is specifically geared to occupational therapy. The programs are voluntary and are intended to assist practitioners to continually build their capacity for meeting identified competencies in an identified area of practice.

Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants are challenged more and more to communicate the immediate effectiveness of their interventions and demonstrate continuous professional growth. Through its Board Certification and Specialty Certification programs, AOTA provides formal recognition for those who have engaged in a voluntary process of ongoing, focused, and targeted professional development. Both programs are voluntary—neither certification is required for practice.

Application Fees and Deadlines
Candidates may begin developing their portfolio and reflections at any time using the web-based application.

Applications will be accepted in June and December each year for all certifications. Peer review of applications occurs over a 3-month period following the application deadline.

Application Fee
The following fees are nonrefundable:
Board Certification        $525
Specialty Certification   $375

Applicants must be AOTA members at the time of application and also at the time certification is granted. Membership is not required to maintain certification once granted, except at the time of renewal.

For comments or questions regarding AOTA Board Certification or Specialty Certification, contact

Click here for Board Certification and Specialty Certification Competencies and Indicators.

Source: AOTA

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  1. I’m on and off the application… it can be overwhelming. Haay, maybe I can start a new goal to get it done, one step at a time. :)

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