4th International Forum On Disability Management

IFDM 2008
4th International Forum on Disability Management
22-24 September 2008
Berlin, Germany

“Breaking down barriers together”

The professional performance of employees is the engine of a healthy society. Maintaining this capacity to work is the goal of disability management. Valuable knowledge remains in companies, people maintain their standard of living and social systems are unburdened.
The International Forum on Disability Management has developed into a movement that spans continents, and new alliances have been formed. The people who meet at these gatherings are making a difference, tearing down walls between the concerned persons and developing cross-border return-to-work strategies. Disability managers from throughout the world exchange experiences and can learn from each other.

The German Federation of Social Accident Insurance (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung, or DGUV) is a sponsor and mentor for the adaptation of disability management to the German legal and social system. The 4th International Forum on Disability Management is being hosted by DGUV.

For more information, visit IFDM 2008 website. Click here for related news.

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